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Women’s Moccasins

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Let’s discuss some of the more popular versions of women’s moccasins on the market.

Living in a big city, I see women wearing moccasins just about every day.  Whether they’re women’s moccasin boots or summer moccasins of the slip on kind, you can see them just about everywhere.  The women’s version of this shoe has most definitely evolved over time, and the many varieties available now are indicative of the shoe’s huge level of success in the fashion world.

A few of the more popular women’s moccasins including the following brands and makes:

The Minnetonka tramper boot moccasin.  This is a boot, and an ankle high one at that.  Women love to wear the Minnetonka women’s moccasin with jeans, and often tuck the jeans right into the boot.

Whether you want laces or fringe collars, you’ll have the choice when buying these.  These are a medium brown color, and average prices are very reasonable, ranging from about $55 to $65 when purchased online.

The Anne Klein Davis moccasins are another very popular version of this shoe type.  These are perhaps the most creatively designed women’s moccasins on the market, as there are a handful of different colors and styles available.

These are made of both suede and leather (depending on which one you choose), and the black diamond snake suede are the most popular version of Anne Klein Davis moccasins, with a very unique look to them.

Yet another popular make of women’s moccasin is the Unisa Damian moccasin.  These are pure leather, and can be found in a variety of different colors ranging from black, to tan, to an almost rust-like shade of leather.

Women find these to be very comfortable, and the average prices, which range from around around $60 to $80 online.  These are a bit less neutral than other makes, as they almost resemble a typical loafer.  It’s the moc toe on the front and the vamp strap with metal that may make it suitable for your tastes – or not.

The Minnetonka Thunderbird women’s moccasins are also very popular.  As you can see, the Minnetonka boot company has made its mark in the world of moccasins, and the Thunderbird moccasin varies from the tramper boot.

The Thunderbird has a soft sole, and it also has a beaded design on the front, giving it a more traditional, Native American feel.  Women find the Thunderbird moccasins to be incredibly comfortable, and even go so far as wearing them around the house.  These are extremely affordable, as prices generally range from $30 to $40 for a new pair of Minnetonka Thunderbird soft sole moccasins.

As you can see, there are many brands of women’s moccasins, all of which cater to a different genre.  Most of these are very affordable and might make a great addition to your shoe collection.  Whether you’re looking for something to complement a nice outfit or something to casually wear with jeans, there’s something available that should probably fit your tastes and your budget.

Good luck in your continued search for the right pair of women’s moccasins, and happy buying!