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Wide Width Shoes

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Finding the right wide width shoes can be extremely difficult, depending upon the size of your foot.  When you do have a wider foot than standard shoes allow, finding comfortable footwear, or stylish shoes can be somewhat difficult.  But the task doesn’t have to be impossible, so long as you know what to shop for, as well as where to shop.  Most brands make a wide alternative, but the trick to finding really comfortable shoes, is finding brands that cater to the wide width shoes market.  This way you can get great styles, that are more comfortable than any shoe you’ve ever worn before.

When you require the use of wide width shoes, you’ll find that wearing normal styles leaves your foot feeling cramped after walking around for a while.  What’s worse, it puts pressure on all the wrong parts of the shoe itself, so the outside of the shoe can become awkwardly bent or creased.  That means not only are you doing damage to your feet, but your footwear just won’t hold up as long as you would like.  This makes finding the right wide width shoes extremely important, so that you can prolong the life of your footwear, as well as go easy on your poor feet.

For this reason, it’s essential to try shoes before you buy them, always, so that you can ensure that you find wide width shoes that fit you appropriately.  Because wide styles can vary, it’s important to try different brands so that you can get a good idea of which type will work for you.  But it’s important to realize that you need a shoe that fits your foot snugly, and if a particular brand doesn’t you’ll have to find an alternative.  While a temporary solution may be purchasing a size larger than what you’re normally used to, this isn’t a good permanent solution, and can lead to the shoe bending awkwardly when walking, taking your toes along with it.  That can be extremely uncomfortable, and is a situation you’ll want to avoid.

The best practice, is to stick to brands that naturally make wide width shoes, with every foot type in mind.  Companies like Sketchers, or Dansko are known for making shoes that are comfortable to practically any foot type.  This means you’re bound to find the perfect type for you, no matter how your foot is shaped.  Both Sketcher and Dankso feature standard styles that are a little wider than normal, so they can provide that comfortable hug that your feet have been looking for.

When it comes to buying wide width shoes, you can typically find good options at most shoe retailers.  Stores like Kohl’s or Nordstrom can be great places to find fantastic shoes for any foot type.  But then there are also options online at stores like  However, it’s usually best to buy locally when shopping for wide width shoes, if only for the fact that you’ll be able to try the shoes before you buy them.  This way you can guarantee that the shoe will always fit.