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Mens, Womens and Children Moccasin Boots

A free resource with information about moccasin shoes. Women's moccasins, driving moccasins, suede, and even shoes for babies.

Moccasin boots are a very comfortable and “trendy” additive to a basic “jeans and tee shirt” ensemble of attire.  Having become most popular as a “fashion” trend among primarily younger men and teenage boys during the 1980’s, moccasin style boots have made a “come-back” in the 21st Century.  It seems that just as in the 1980’s, the most common of the moccasin style boots are the knee-high boots with fringes, although there are other styles, such as ankle cut and “mid-calf”, available.  A good point to keep in mind is that boot style moccasins can be purchased inexpensively, starting from as low as around $23, although prices can range as high as $80 or more.

Where To Find And Shop

There are several web sites, that I have found, that offer moccasin boots, for sale.  Some of the web sites that I have found are,, and  If you would prefer to purchase boot moccasins local to your home, many department stores and shoe stores, such as Walmart, JCPenney, Macy’s and Payless Shoe Source offer this type of boot, for sale.  You may also want to visit your local area thrift stores and wholesale stores, as well.  You can do a simple web site search, through Google, Bing or Yahoo Search to locate both other web sites (besides the ones that I have mentioned) as well as local retailers to your area, or local area Yellow Pages.

Knowing The Basics

Before making a purchase, you will want to shop around, for the moccasin boots that you would like to buy.  Make sure, that if you are purchasing the boots as a gift for someone else, you either know the correct size, for the person for which you are making the purchase, or at least keep your receipts, in case the boot moccasins do not fit the person correctly.  If you are purchasing the boots online, make sure that there are available photographic images, for you to view, as well as the seller offering a “return and refund” policy.  A “return and refund” policy offers protection to both the customer, as well as the seller.

Doing A Proper Comparison

As with anything, else that you are going to invest your time and money into purchasing, you will want to compare prices of moccasin boots that you find to prices at other locations, whether you are shopping online or locally.  You may be able to find a pair of boot style moccasins on one web site or local store that you wish to buy, but find the same pair on another web site or store at a cheaper price.  Besides the web sites that I have mentioned, if you would prefer to shop online and save more money, you can also check out online discount stores, such as Amazon or e-Bay.  Don’t just simply “settle”, before shopping around.