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Driving Moccasins

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Driving moccasins, also known as driving mocs, are a very popular version of men’s moccasins.  Having stormed onto the scene earlier this decade, driving moccasins look to be a mainstay in the fashion world, with many different varieties available for any men shopping for these shoes.

Most often, driving moccasins are worn without socks, as they’re almost treated as somewhat of a sandal.  People genuinely do prefer to drive in them, and they’re especially popular in California.

Can you wear socks with driving moccasins, or is this taboo?  The answer is that while it’s more fashionable to wear these without socks, it’s still acceptable to wear them with socks.

While high socks wouldn’t be recommended, the right version of athletic socks could easily complement a pair of driving moccasins acceptably.  White socks wouldn’t be recommended with these, rather something a bit more colorful and stylish.  Still, it would be more recommended to wear these socks while driving and near the car, rather than out for a full day or to a party.

Driving moccasins have become particularly popular in Europe recently, and are worn in more adventurous colors than have ever previously been worn.  In fact, a new Christian Dior version of driver moccasin came in purple or violet.  These are currently very popular in Europe, as are many different versions of driving moccasins for men.  They make for ideal summer shoes, worn sockless and matched up best with a pair of shorts or summer pants.

Despite the way they may sound, they’re actually extremely stylish and well received by those who come across them.  If you’re living in the US, making an adventurous move like this one may pay off in dividends, as a purple driving moccasin hasn’t exactly caught on here yet.

Popular high end brands of these include Tod’s driving moccasins, Gucci driving moccasins, and even Prada moccasins of this sort.  These generally retail at several hundred dollars per pair, and can be found online.

For those looking for something more affordable (like most of us), the Tommy Bahama Vallarta driving moccasin is a nice, affordable option, ranging anywhere from about  $80 to $200, depending upon the make.  If you’re okay with sacrificing the fancy European label, you’ll find a great quality driving moccasin here and should be happy with the wide variety of styles to choose from.

For women who are feeling left out by this article, don’t despair. There are also women’s driving moccasins on the market, though they’re simply as not popular as the male version of this shoe.  Let the men have their shoe fun once in a while too.  Still, this doesn’t mean there aren’t great women’s driving moccasins available to buy.

If you’re looking for a good pair of women’s driving moccasins, you might want to look into some of the Minnetonka versions available for sale.  Some are even made of mooseskin in addition to the traditional suede.  The Lizzie driving moccasin and the Positano driving moccasins are two more you can look into, as well as a version that J. Crew currently offers too.