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Indoor Boiled Wool Slippers For Bare Feet

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When you really like all the positive properties of wool, but you’re not real keen on some of the negatives, you’ll find that boiled wool slippers remedy any of those issues beautifully.  What you’re going to find with slippers like these, is that they are really able to cast away any of the discomfort that you can sometimes find from real wool, in that they can be a bit scratch and uncomfortable at times.  But with the right sort of boiled wool slippers, you’re going to find that they are much softer and much smoother, which is something that you’re going to adore wearing around your home when the weather is particularly cold.

Material Types

With the right set of boiled wool slippers, you’re going to find a few things, namely that the type of material they are created from is not like the wool that you’re probably used to.  With this type of wool, the main thing that you’re going to find is that it’s so, so much softer because of the boiling process.  This actually totally softens up the wool, and makes it a bit more smooth and uniform, so that it’s almost like felt. But it still does retain all it’s heat keeping qualities, so that you can be sure they are really going to keep your feet warm, while also not being overly scratchy, at the same time.

Choice of Style

But of course, with any type of boiled wool slippers, what you’re going to find is that you have a few options as to the style that you want to choose, so it’s really important you make the right choices.  Some of the things that you really want to think about include things like what are you looking for in terms of foot coverage.  If you’re just after slippers that you can slip on and slip off as need be, you want those with an open heel.  But if you’re more after total warmth, you want those that provide the maximum in protection, and that feature the ability to totally cover your feet up to the ankle for your comforts.

Sole Options

What you’re also going to find with just about any type of boiled wool slippers, is that you can choose all different types of soles as well.  The sole of your slipper can be really important, as it really determines their overall durability.  What you’re going to find with slippers like these, is that they can feature really sturdy rubber soles, and that ensures that they are almost like shoes and are going to last a long time.  Otherwise, you can also go with boiled wool slippers that feature soft bottoms, if you’re more after comfort than anything else.

Places To Shop

You can buy your boiled wool slippers just about anywhere as well, as there are options all over the place.  Through all sorts of stores like or even you should be able to find plenty of different types of slippers that you can wear.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type, so that you can ensure your comfort, or so that you can be sure you’ve found that perfect gift.