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Baby Mocassins

A free resource with information about moccasin shoes. Women's moccasins, driving moccasins, suede, and even shoes for babies.

One of the most popular fashion accessories for toddlers seems to be baby moccasins.  What parent doesn’t love dressing their little child up in baby shoes with some cute patterns, frills, and possibly even beads?

For this reason, baby moccasins have been a top seller ever since they were introduced several decades ago.  Not only do these look great on babies, but they’ll be extremely comfortable.

A wide range of baby moccasin products are offered on the market, and some of these are even boots.  These boots are ideal for winters, as babies will be kept warm during the colder months of the year.  The lining protects their feet and prevents chafing, especially the ones featuring soft sheepskin.

The best thing about baby moccasins is the fact that your baby won’t seem to have a problem wearing them, unlike many other diminutive pairs of shoes and sneakers.  These are essentially like slippers, and the fact that very few of them have laces makes them extremely easy to take off and put back on.

Some pairs of baby moccasins are even equipped with velcro.  Velcro baby moccasins are extremely easy to pull off and put back on, and the velcro harness prevents your baby’s foot from slipping out of the shoe.  A wide variety of colors available also ensures that you can find a matching baby moccasin for any outfit you adorn your child with.

The prices on baby moccasins are extremely affordable, and can range anywhere from $15 on the lower end, up to $40 or so on the higher end.  What you pay might depend on the maker of the shoe and the color you decide to buy it in, but these are great.

The flexibility of the baby moccasin (and the slip on nature of it) also provides for some longevity relative to other baby sneakers and shoes.  As your baby’s feet somewhat grow, these should continue to fit for the most part.

Baby moccasins are mostly made of suede, but some in fact come in deerskin.  Colors range from the traditional brown suede to whites, pinks, baby blues, yellows, and more.

You may be interested in the Minnetonka baby moccasin.  These are made by a reliable brand that happens to be extremely popular with adults, so you can rest assured that the quality should be high as well.  The Minnetonka infant moccasins generally retail for about $15 to $25, and can be found at a large number of online retailers.

Yet another option for your child is the Native American inspired baby moccasin.  These come with the beads and other traditional elements of the Native American moccasin, and make for great shoes with a touch of flair.  A handful of these are available from online retailers as well.

If you have a baby and you’re looking to buy a baby pair of moccasins, there should be no shortage of options available.  Simply choose the type (boot vs. slipper or shoe) and the color, and you’ll be well on your way.   Most importantly, have fun with it all.  These years go by far too quickly.