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Moccasin Shoes

A free resource with information about moccasin shoes. Women's moccasins, driving moccasins, suede, and even shoes for babies.

Welcome to our information resource, specifically created to educate you about moccasin shoes, giving you reviews, buying information, and showing you where to find the best moccasin deals out there.

I’ve been fond of moccasin shoes ever since my childhood.  I can remember wearing them as early as the age of three, and they’re the first pair of shoes I remember ever having worn.  Maybe it’s some kind of deep rooted love that was instilled from my childhood.  Whatever it is, I’m a big fan of the shoe type.

To give you a little background about the mocassin shoe, in case you don’t really know much about it, these are generally comprised of either deerskin or some kind of soft leather.  There’s usually intricate stitching, and the sole of the shoe is generally pretty soft.  Often times, you’ll see patterns or beads worked into the design.

The mocassin shoe was made popular by Native American tribes, and their origins date back hundreds of years.  These were extremely convenient for hunters and gatherers, as deerskin was in abundant supply, and the softness of the shoe kept them both warm and padded from the rough surface of the ground.

There are different variations of mocassin shoes, as some are laced and some are slip on, and while they remain popular with Native Americans, they have also become extremely popular in Western culture.

On this site, we’ll be discussing various different types of mocassins.  Product reviews, information on where to buy, where to find the best moccasin shoes deals online, and more.  Some of the types we’ll be discussing are as follows.

Women’s mocassins. Brands like Minnetonka moccasins are very popular with women, as are many others.  Many women prefer the slip on versions, but there are also moccasins with laces available for purchase.

Driving moccasins.  A more formal make of moccasin shoes, the driving moccasin is available in many varieties, and tends to be one of the higher end moccasin products available.  Some designers, like Michael Kors and Donald J. Pliner, offer driving moccasin versions made from Italian leather.  Prices for driving moccasins can be as much as several hundred dollars per pair.

Suede moccasins.  Popular with both men and women alike, suede moccasins are probably the most common form of this type of shoe.  They are usually produced in a light brown suede, and there are many buying options available online.  We’ll show you where you can find the best deals on these moccasin shoes.

Baby moccasins.  Going back to my example from childhood, baby moccasins still remain some of the most popular shoes for babies.  The ease with which they slip on and off, coupled with the fact that they generally match with most outfits, makes for a very cute outfit if you’re looking for baby moccasin shoes.

For more information on each specific style of shoe, feel free to browse around the site and read our descriptions and reviews of each moccasin shoe style.  Enjoy our site, and feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything you might need.